What I Do

Since working for myself, most businesses have used my services as drop in marketing director - no commitment yet all the knowledge and experience to help support business and teams. This includes managing all marketing and commercial elements of the business, from guest journey to p&l, to commercial partnerships, digital, insight and data.

Marketing strategies

Working with the CEO and teams to create a commercially viable, on-brand marketing plan. OR reviewing your existing plans to help strengthen where necessary.


What does your brand convey to people who don’t know you? (In fact what does your brand convey to people who do know you?) What makes you stand out from your competitors? Are you nailing your brand’s communications?  I can help you define your brand and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

Social Media & Digital

Be where your customers are. Your digital presence should be a fundamental part of your strategy. 

I can help you define your brand on these platforms, communicate with the right people, find the right tone of voice, interact with your regulars which will create an engaged following to generate long-term loyalty and ultimately drive sales.

Customer Insight / Loyalty

Do you really know your audience, both online and in the restaurant? Their typical age, how they use you, what they like, don’t like about your brand? Do you meet your customers and talk about what you do and your plans for the future? How do you review your online mentions?
Are you using data insights to lead on decision making?

I can help you find this information, ask the right questions, use the information to continually improve your offering and create loyal customers in the process.


I manage all launch events, partnerships, short-term tie-ins, local community marketing, PR events, insight research.


Maybe you have new or younger team members who are excellent in their role, but they don't know what they don't know. I spend time with them, mentoring and developing their skillset and confidence. 


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